Seventh-day Adventist Church at Kinderhook

Valatie | NY
Floor plan and elevations
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Floor plan and elevations

Following are plans of the building as proposed to the town (subject to changes until permit is approved):

B & W - Western view - from Route 9   

view from Route 9
(L-R) Sanctuary and fellowship hall

B & W - South elevation - as you enter building

  view as you come into the main entrance, from  the parking lot
(L-R) showing sanctuary, lobby and classrooms


B & W - view from the North/ bluebird houses
view from the Northern side /the bluebird houses
(L-R) showing Kindergarten classroom, kitchen, back of fellowship hall and side of sanctuary


 view from the East (the "hill")
(L-R) showing sanctuary, side of lobby, side of classroom, back of kitchen 

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