Seventh-day Adventist Church at Kinderhook

Valatie | NY
Frequently asked questions
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Frequently asked questions

Why should I come to visit your church? To gain spiritual strength, for inspiring insights into God's Word, for an enjoyable time with us, and much more.

What is different about your church? We are a “lay-led” church (we value the involvement of all members). We are family friendly; we welcome children and adults of all ages. We welcome all people, regardless of their backgrounds.

• Do I have to join your church to take part in the activities? No. All are welcome to participate. 

Will I have to give out personal information about myself? No. We invite you to sign your name in our guest book, if you so desire.

OK. I would like to visit your church. How long should I plan to stay? Both the Bible Study time and the Worship Service last a little more than 1 hour each. So, plan for about 2 1/2 hours if you wish to attend both. We eat lunch together and would be delighted if you can join us! 

I’m not sure I can stay for both services, when is the best time to come? Any time is a good time, but if you enjoy a more interactive Bible study or if you have small children, you’ll definitely want to attend our Bible Study Hour (Sabbath School).

•Can you tell me about your Bible Study Hour? We have Bible classes for all ages. Our three Adult Bible classes include a study of The Life and Teachings of Jesus (a reading and study of a book of the Bible - verse by verse) and a study of the Sabbath School Workbook (quarterly) in English and in Spanish.More  

I have children of different ages, should I bring them? Yes. We have small Bible Study groups for elementary and middle school age children, and adolescents, as well as three adult groups. Our worship services also include children’s story and access to a parents’ room so parents you can enjoy our services in a more comfortable way.

I’m a teenager. Are there any activities for young people of my age? Yes, we have a Bible class and Saturday afternoon spiritual and social activities.

Are your services formal or casual? We plan our services to be orderly but informal.

What should I wear? Wear comfortable clothing. We do not have any dress code. Some of our worshipers wear suits, others wear jeans, and all are equally welcome.

What should I bring? Bring your Bible, bring your questions, bring a friend, or just come and join us.

Should I bring an offering? If you wish. We are prepared to accept your offering, but we do not call for donations or pass any offering plate.