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About tithes, offerings and more

Our ministers are not directly paid by the membership of their church. The tithe from all the churches flows into the conference treasury. Tithes are strictly dedicated to the work of the ministry, for Bible teaching, and for the support of conference administration in the care of the churches and the field missionary endeavors. It is not used on other work, on  paying church or institutional debts or on building programs.

So, where is the tithe sent? To the "Greater New York Conference" - the headquarters for the Greater New York area, which in turns sends funds to the Atlantic Union (East Coast states) and the World Church . No funds from the tithe remain at the local level. See chapter 12 - Gospel Finance - in Church manual for more about church administration of funds.

Where do the "loose offerings" go? Any cash or checks that don't specify a fund or use go to the offering for that Sabbath (usually mentioned in the bulletin). They don't automatically go to - say - "church budget". That is why it's so important to designate where you want your funds to go. See our "Loose Offerings schedule for more.